This brings me back to my previous belief, that I wanted to provide attractive products which fuse together hardware, software, and service. Of course, I understand the difficulties involved. This creative fusion requires labor and expense, and will probably take a long time to achieve.

The first attempt may be humble. But if I am joined by a team of developers who have the same ideals as me, I’m sure we will be able to one day create exciting products. There is no reason why the achievements made 200 years ago cannot be repeated today. So what exactly should I do now to move towards this? The conclusion I have reached is that I must take the first step forward without any fear, and have as many people as possible join me on the journey.

ANODOS is the perfect vessel for doing exactly that. ANODOS takes on the form of a corporate enterprise, but in essence it is a creative collaboration unit for developers and customers of hardware, software and services. We have only one goal: to bring together our ideals and passion, and create products which will continue to bring smiles to people even 200 years in the future. I sincerely hope that, working with all the people who share my vision, we will continue to fill the vessel of ANODOS to its full potential.

Hideki Mori
CEO/Creative Director